Here an overview of projects during the last years.

2019 BAD ROADS GOOD PEOPLE 4000 km by foot through Ukraine, Moldova and Romania.

2018 KEEP THE WATER ON YOUR LEFT 400 km by foot along the dikes in Holland.

2018 CLOSING THE GAP - Recover 1000 km by foot closing the north and south treks.

2017 RestLess-WalkMore! 9000 km by foot up and down to the North Cape with cold and harsh weather conditions.

2016 SweatAndSour 3200 km by foot from Portugal to Holland with hot and steamy temperatures.

2015 BORDERLINE 500 km by foot along the Belgium, German and Dutch border.

2008 SmilesForMoldova 4000 km by kayak from Holland to Moldova. http://www.smilesformoldova.eu/

smiles for Moldova


SMILESFORMOLDOVA 2008 - Two Faces a World of Difference

A personal project paddling over 4000 kilometers through the Heart of Europe to ask attention for the work of Doctor R. van Oort, UMCGroningen with plans to set up a department of maxillofacial prosthetics in Chisineau, Republic of Moldova.

smiles for Moldova



In previous years I did kayak from the south to the north of Holland..So time to do it by foot as well.

Kayaking Holland


SWEAT AND SOUR trip 2016 - Walking Portugal to Holland

Two times I had to give up in an early stage before finally continue this trip. Meaning I had to walk in a different season than planned.
Hot and Steamy weather in Portugal and Spain, BreakingBones in the Pyrenees and Walking along the Rolling Rhine towards the Lowlands of Holland.



RestLess-WalkMore! 2017

After the SweatAndSour Trip from Portugal to Holland the urge was coming to tip the North Cape. The trip was demanding with cold and harsh weather conditions. But in not even eleven months and 9000+ kilometer walking, I finished as a Happy Man.

Starting in Germany, the trip took me through Denmark, Sweden, the whole coast of Norway. To walk back along the Russian border in Finland, The Baltic States and Poland. Continuing my way west towards Holland.

The Demons of the North Cape were over!

Holland-North Cape-Holland


CLOSING THE GAP 2018 - Recover

A few days before entering Holland while from Portugal my trailer went down..And ordering spare parts would take me to long. So I went home….

Walking up and down the North Cape I had started at the German/Denmark border in order to have a schedule I would be comfortable with…. So there was a gap to fill: Bonn to Flensburg. A few weeks walking in Germany and the short circuit was solved.




A winter trip along the Dikes in the north of Holland. No shelter only the Hauling wind to keep me company.

Walking dikes



After my WAR, WalkAcrossRussia project was rejected I took an alternative. Walking the hinterlands of Tsjernobyl, the Carpathian mountains to continue along the river Dniester. Five months walking the Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. 4000 kilometer of Bad Roads and Good People.



"Manpower is still needed to make progress."