MEET THE MAN behind the Shades

Jörgen van der Pol aka KayakCobber, is from the Lowlands of Holland. And years in a row, active with Sea Kayaking.

Due to eye problems he had to give up his favorite pastime and had to look for alternative ways of travelling. Nowadays he is into Long-Distance Walking accompanied by a walking trailer called ROADTURTLE. Again finding spirit for new horizons.

Beside an outdoors enthusiast, Jörgen was born with complex congenital defects (the EEC syndrome). Among other things, this implies a cleft lip and palate and abnormalities of hair, skin, eyes and hands.

Having already done numerous severe outdoor challenges, this gives another level of determination, courage and the never ending challenge to coop with many issues concerning health.

This is a brief introduction from KayakCobber. If you meet him on the Way. Just say hello! He will like it!

"I walk away for something I cannot escape from."